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Teaching and Learning in IT

One objection I hear many times around here but only rarely in the field of education is “It’s out there.” referring to that other OS. That is given as a reason to retain that other OS in schools. Usage: Education, … Continue reading

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The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Produce a FLOSS Office Suite

“Sun’s open-sourcing of StarOffice Suite is the single largest open-source software contribution in GPL history and it adds a key application suite to the open source portfolio,” said Marco Boerries, vice president and general manager of webtop and application software … Continue reading

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Sony Admits Incompetence

The bunch of hackers said they got hold of more than a million passwords. “Every bit of data we took wasn’t encrypted, they said. “Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext, which means it’s just a matter … Continue reading

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UK: Survey of Higher Education and FLOSS

“OSS Watch National Software Survey 2010 Jane Alexen Shuyska & OSS Watch … In terms of procurement policy we see an everincreasing awareness of the possibility of using open source software. There has been another big increase in the number … Continue reading

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