Oops! x86 Not Necessarily More Powerful Than ARM

A benchmark of three systems, one x86 Atom Oaktrail versus one Tegra 2 and a Hummingbird showed the ARMed systems were far superior in performance and ran cooler as well…

So much for conventional wisdom that x86 has only to figure out how to run with less power consumption.
“In the Caffeine 3 benchmark, the Oak Trail prototype scored a dismal 1562 points, well behind the Asus Eee Transformer Pad (Tegra 2 based; 6246 points) and the Samsung 10.1v Galaxy Tab (Hummingbird Gen. 2; 7194 points). This was significant as Caffeine measures Java performance — the language most Android apps are written in. As such, the benchmark provides a key indicator of how fast apps will run on the tablet — in Intel’s case “very slow”.”

see Prototype Tablets with Intel Atom Processors Benchmarked, Prove Hot and Slow

Ouch! Intel will need a couple of steps of Moore’s Law just to catch up, by which time, ARM will have moved ahead again.

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