Digitimes Ponders Notebook, Netbook and Tablet Sales

Digitimes has its thumb on the pulse of IT, particularly in Taiwan where many products are built. Today they published a review of the history of notebooks, netbooks and tablets that indicates no one really knows how things will evolve and that many players have taken a wait-and-see attitude while dipping their toes in the pool.

see Commentary: Tablet PCs at a crossroads

Key information in TFA for me is that it still costs a bit more to make a tablet than a notebook, likely the cost of the touch-screen v keyboard and touch-pad. That is likely a supply and demand effect which will soon level out. I see great promise for tablets, netbooks and notebooks. The markets seem to agree. All three are selling well although notebooks have slowed in response to the availability of new products and Acer has been caught with some inventory in warehouses. Apple has a lock partly by making a decent product and partly by securing 60% of the supply-chain by contract. Industry is responding to demand by expanding production. All is well. Competition is working and Linux in several forms will have a good share in all this because of the increasing diversity in the markets.

One of my inputs are the young people in my extended family, cousins of my own children. I see them often at family gatherings and they whip out tablets and notebooks at the drop of a hat and put on a show or check out some resource on the web. Smart phones, tablets, netbooks, and notebooks are all present and an accepted part of IT in their lives. Young people move and mobile computing is what they want. They are dextrous and have sharp eyes so it all works for them. We old folks are much more likely to stick with what we know but these young people are the future of IT, I am sure. They will use any OS that gets the job done and will buy Wintel, Apple or anyone else who gives them what they want. They are not interested in re-re-reboots, slowing down and malware.

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  1. There are two aspects of this:

    1) Apple bought up 60% of the supply of critical components by making long-term contracts, and
    2) 81 or 73million is a lot of tablets.

    Perhaps what Apple sells + 80 million is all the world will take. It’s a lot of tablets and is making a huge dent in notebook sales. IT will never be the same. Being unemployed I have had the opportunity/burden of watching a bit of TV lately and I see lots of ads for tablets and a lot of them are for non-Apple tablets. The prices of tablets continues to fall indicating the spike of the introduction to the market/adoption by gadget-freaks has been saturated somewhat. I have no doubt many millions of tablets will still be sold before M$ gets involved with “8”.

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