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Promises to Keep

The Speech from the Throne, outlining the programme of the Government of Canada contains some promises dear to my heart: Our government will act on its promise to introduce legislation to end the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry. Building on … Continue reading

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Oops! x86 Not Necessarily More Powerful Than ARM

A benchmark of three systems, one x86 Atom Oaktrail versus one Tegra 2 and a Hummingbird showed the ARMed systems were far superior in performance and ran cooler as well… So much for conventional wisdom that x86 has only to … Continue reading

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Buy Chrome OS Netbooks Today

Kogan has rushed forward with the world’s first Chrome OS-bearing netbook you can buy today. Shipments start in 4 days. Assuming the hardware is not junk, this thing will sell a ton because there is a demand for small cheap … Continue reading

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Digitimes Ponders Notebook, Netbook and Tablet Sales

Digitimes has its thumb on the pulse of IT, particularly in Taiwan where many products are built. Today they published a review of the history of notebooks, netbooks and tablets that indicates no one really knows how things will evolve … Continue reading

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LibreOffice is Flying Like Ravens, not Seagulls

OpenOffice.org was wonderful as it was but developement was stunted by tight control by SUN and later, by Oracle. LibreOffice is much more dynamic and seems to be a healthier model. Here’s today’s press release. Note that 120 developers contributed … Continue reading

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