M$ Can’t Handle Diversity

Chuckle. M$’s plan to absorb the ARMed ecosystem is getting push-back. M$ wanted to talk with only a few “special” players and the gang said “no”. The ARMed ecosystem is very diverse with many chip makers, designers, system makers, system designers and many devices. M$ wanted to divide and conquer just as they did with the desktop PC but it isn’t happening in the mobile world.
“The issues started after Microsoft reportedly planned to implement an Integrated Development Program (IDP) for Windows 8, inviting only five major chip players – Intel, AMD, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia, to participate in testing of the operating system, while Microsoft would also allow the five chip players to each choose two of their downstream system partners to join.”

see Digitimes – Microsoft postpones IDP for 2 weeks to re-consult with chip players

This looks like an act of desperation for M$. It wants to jump into the game as quickly as possible but they have not done their homework. All the players in the ARMed ecosystem need their whole channel involved, nearly 100 parties, if products are to be delivered. The ecosystem is thriving with Android and they don’t need to be divided over “8”. M$ cannot win. If they get everyone on the same page, it will take time they don’t have. If they treat a few players specially, they won’t have enough volume to matter. The CPU makers don’t make the motherboard, memory, OS for the gadgets, or the gadgets. The people to whom M$ needs to be sweet are not they. M$ finds itself being a small fish in a big pond now. They will have to create an OS that will run on anything if they want to survive.

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