ARM v Intel – More Than A Battle of Words So Far

“According to Nvidia CEO Huang Jen-Hsun, Android is the fastest growing operating system in computing history and that speaks to the fact that every single company in the world is desperate for a mobile computing strategy… Huang added that in the tablet market consumers do not care whether their products use x86- or ARM-based processor and this will serve as a great opportunity for Nvidia to step up in the market.”

see Digitimes – Computex buzz: ARM vs Intel keeps people talking

Nvidia should know. They make the Tegra line of ARMed processors that are one of the leaders of the ARMed revolution. While Intel and M$ shift their forces, ARMed processors and systems running Android/Linux are out there clogging supply channels. By the time Wintel is ready to compete, the battle for the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of users will be won.

see ASUS’ eeePad Transformer page
This is the video on it …

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4 Responses to ARM v Intel – More Than A Battle of Words So Far

  1. At of today, Windows 8 is just vaporware. That is a famous trick MS has used in the past to stall the competition, by making potential customers wait on buying already-on-the-market products from the competition, against MS’s ‘promised’ release down the road of their vaporware. It worked for MS in the past, but it won’t work now, because everybody is on to their tricks. Windows 8 will have to be a complete rewrite, I understand, virtually from the ground up, in order to make it work like they want it to. Couple that with the fact that it will require radically new hardware, and I would guess it will take MS 3 or even 4 years to get it off the ground successfully. They will have been lost in the dust by then.

  2. Richard Chapman says:

    They may have said the same thing but this is a whole different world now.

  3. Ray says:

    Wait, the same thing has been said about Windows 7, and they were wrong. Let’s watch how this unfolds.

  4. Richard Chapman says:

    I think this is where the fun begins. Windows 8 is going to show up for the foot race a week late and 50 pounds over weight.

    Of course Microsoft will see this coming a mile off and will pull all the stops from their bag of dirty tricks in order to force Windows 8 down the World’s throat. It ain’t gonna happen.

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