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M$ Can’t Handle Diversity

Chuckle. M$’s plan to absorb the ARMed ecosystem is getting push-back. M$ wanted to talk with only a few “special” players and the gang said “no”. The ARMed ecosystem is very diverse with many chip makers, designers, system makers, system … Continue reading

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Oracle Frees OpenOffice.org, Again

Sun Micrososystems freed OpenOffice.org a decade ago but kept tight controls that stifled the project. Oracle bought Sun but now has seen the light and has transferred the assets to the Apache Foundation.

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Wikimedia as an Educational Tool

For years, I have travelled the northern parts of Canada dragging a server with a snapshot of Wikipedia taken in 2005. It’s a great tool for schools. Students and teachers can add material relevant to them and edit articles to … Continue reading

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ARM v Intel – More Than A Battle of Words So Far

“According to Nvidia CEO Huang Jen-Hsun, Android is the fastest growing operating system in computing history and that speaks to the fact that every single company in the world is desperate for a mobile computing strategy… Huang added that in … Continue reading

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