QualComm on the New Reality

“The third area where the market is really evolving is that the dynamics of the software market have changed a great deal. Most developers used to focus on the PC ecosystem, and a major priority driving software vendors in the past was making sure that they maintained backward compatibility for their applications. If you look at the market now, most people are developing for smartphone platforms and those platforms are migrating up. This has broken the link of being encumbered by legacy applications. This phenomena is only going to accelerate even more as we move into cloud computing and most user data and applications end up being positioned somewhere in the cloud.

The other strong potential market is the mass market smartphone opportunity. In many developing markets, the first computing device people use to experience the Internet is most likely a smartphone these days.

see Digitimes – The new frontier in mobile computing: Q&A with Qualcomm EVP Steve Mollenkopf

The world of IT is changing at a rapid pace. The PC is no longer stationary and the smallest mobile gadget can do much of what a 30kg PC can do. Software changes along with the hardware. As the price and size of computers changes the software must change too. That means more Linux and less of that other OS. That means more competition and lower prices for IT. I like it.

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