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Reaping the Whirlwind

Nokia made a deal with M$ to phase out Symbian. The world knows it and won’t buy Symbian phones… Nokia’s margins have plummeted as a result and M$ is not coming to the rescue. While Android is eating Nokia’s lunch … Continue reading

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They’re Here. They’re there. Those Android OS are Everywhere.

Intel is pushing Android on x86 to get in on the mobile action. MIPS and Ingenic are pushing Android on MIPS. These additions to the realm of Android may be tiny at the moment but they have huge possibilities. Intel … Continue reading

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Matt Asay Preaches

Matt Asay certainly views FLOSS differently than many others. Today he wrote, “Each of us contributes (or doesn’t) out of perceived self-interest. Now, it may be that Amazon will come to feel that contributing to open-source projects like Linux correlates … Continue reading

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Microsoft Squeaks. No One Listens.

M$ is apparently trying to dictate to the world on what kinds of ARMed systems M$’s “8” will run. Apparently QualComm is OK with this but many others are not. Qualcomm:“while Yen walked us through his company’s first SoC developed … Continue reading

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Linus Can’t Count to 40…

Maybe he’s feeling his age (now 41) but Linus was appalled by the prospect of 2.6.x turning to 2.6.40 and has put Linux 3.0-rc1 on the runway. That’s OK, Linus. We understand. Also 3.0.x is about due after 20 years. … Continue reading

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IT Weather – It’s Cloudy Out There

A new survey shows 60% annual growth in cloud deployments by multinational corporations (MNC). This suggests clouds may be a better/more efficient model for IT than scattered data-centres custom-made by local IT guys. MNC’s uptake of cloud services increases by … Continue reading

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QualComm on the New Reality

“The third area where the market is really evolving is that the dynamics of the software market have changed a great deal. Most developers used to focus on the PC ecosystem, and a major priority driving software vendors in the … Continue reading

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Intel Admits Its Chips are Over-Priced

“In terms of the question, “Will Intel consider developing on the ARM platform?” the answer is no. For Intel, we need to develop the best microprocessor we can and have a business model to support it, so that we can … Continue reading

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