Target: Bab al Azizia

According to Al Jazeerah, “NATO aircraft destroyed guard towers at Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, aaccording to a NATO official on Saturday, and staged a rare daytime air strike on the Libyan capital, stepping up pressure on the Libyan leader.”

“Guard towers” do not seem like the mandate Nato has to close the air-space or to protect civilians. I suspect this is a preparation to an assault on Bab al Azizia, Gaddafi’s HQ in Tripoli. It could also be something to rattle Gaddafi into departing.

If the US or its allies considered an assault on the place, the guard towers would be an obvious target. Normally I would expect such an attack to be made in the inital phases of an assault so it may be more probable that this is a pressure-tactic. We shall see. Purported discussions about Gaddafi’s departure may be accelerated by attacks on his compound.

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