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GNU/Linux in USA

Reading the posts and comments here, one would get the idea that GNU/Linux is not advancing in the USA. Not so. Check out LXer’s database of migrations. By far, the most migrations listed are for the USA. Some of that … Continue reading

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Target: Bab al Azizia

According to Al Jazeerah, “NATO aircraft destroyed guard towers at Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, aaccording to a NATO official on Saturday, and staged a rare daytime air strike on the Libyan capital, stepping up pressure on the Libyan leader.” … Continue reading

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Wasteful Response to Power Outages

This morning CBC News had a story about cleaning up Slave Lake, AB, razed by fire. One aspect is refrigeration equipment in Slave Lake being discarded because it contained spoiled food following a prolonged power outage. This is an extremely … Continue reading

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