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M$ reports that 5% of PCs running that other OS are infected. M$ found 70% of the infected machines had an exploit of Java running. That information could be interpreted different ways. Since the vulnerabilities were patched years ago, I … Continue reading

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All Your Ideas Belong to Us

In my search for a teaching position I came across this gem in a collective agreement: “ARTICLE 29 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 29.01 An Employee who wishes to create or develop school curricula or school resources which are not on the … Continue reading

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Governmental Spending on IT

Government is all about IT. There is a lot of paper involved still but computers do more of the heavy lifting each year. After years of tightening IT budgets the need to optimize IT in price/performance is rising up the … Continue reading

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BEA Release Preliminary Findings – AF447 Stalled

Planes flying rely on the thrust of engines to overcome drag/air-resistance and the aerodynamic forces on the wings to overcome gravity. When the velocity of the plane is too low, the wings produce insufficient lift and the plane is said … Continue reading

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Changed Comments Policy

Until today, I have been approving or not each comment. I have changed the settings of the blog so that comments by folks who have made comments that I approved previously will be posted immediately. This is an honour system, … Continue reading

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Death by Teacher

All the facts are not in but yesterday a student died and several students were injured in an explosion at a school. One report stated that a barrel was being cut open to make a barbecue … I was not … Continue reading

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Even Apple May Circumvent Intel

Apple likes to make money. If ARM has become sufficiently powerful for “normal” PCs, Apple can make more money by shipping cheaper ARM chips than Intel chips. It could be happening. see ARM-based MacBook Air test sample spied Going fanless … Continue reading

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