Teasing Can be Fun or Downright Annoying – What’s ASUS Up To?

It’s a few days before Computex and ASUS is doing a strip-tease about a new product. They are releasing new details each day but leaving the big picture for the show. Is it a tablet or a phone? Will it have Linux or not? Give me patience! Now!
“In relation to this and in the persuit of the right choices for our fans, here’s a question to all our mobile gurus: what do you prefer to use:, pad, notebook or netbook? Also, given that we were first to try Linux with the Eee PC 701 back in 2007 – we’d like to know again: is Windows still a firm requirement for your everday needs?”

see ASUS on FaceBook

It’s a new version of eeePC, I guess, and the drip of information is bait or torture for technophiles. We shall have to wait and see. 🙁

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