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Intel Tries to Keep the Netbook Alive

Intel is cutting the price of a good Atom in half to encourage production of netbooks. They also charge different amounts for different OS… Hmmm. What’s that about? Is it competition on price/performance with ARM or is Intel taxing that … Continue reading

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Painting Corners

It used to be joke that homeowners without forethought would paint themselves into a corner while painting a floor. Governments do the same thing only it costs more time and money to fix the problems governments create. The governments of … Continue reading

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Departure of Canada’s Auditor-General

After 10 years of good work, the auditor-general of Canada, Sheila Fraser, is leaving the post. She has done many good deeds like exposing to public scrutiny: waste and mismanagement at the ill-conceived Firearms Registry, corruption and bad management to … Continue reading

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Platforms Used by Visitors

It is always interesting to see what kind of vehicles visitors drive. I have added some stats on the right-hand side down a bit. We seem to have a healthy ecosystem here except Apple is not well represented… 🙁 A … Continue reading

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French BEA Will Release Some Information From the Data Recorders of AF447 2011-5-27 Friday

“The BEA has decided to publish a note with information on the first facts established, based on analysis of the data from the flight recorders. This note will be put on line on Friday 27 May at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Teasing Can be Fun or Downright Annoying – What’s ASUS Up To?

It’s a few days before Computex and ASUS is doing a strip-tease about a new product. They are releasing new details each day but leaving the big picture for the show. Is it a tablet or a phone? Will it … Continue reading

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China Has Its Own Debian GNU/Linux Mirror

GNU/Linux marches on in China. “The Debian project is proud to announce the availability of a new primary mirror in mainland China. The new mirror, ftp.cn.debian.org, will significantly reduce network latency to the Debian software repositories and help to raise … Continue reading

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