Netanyahu Addresses US Congress

He said something about compromising but not going back to the 1967 borders and needing “defensible borders”. Summarising, I think this is what he said:

Perpetual War Works for Me

Perpetual War Works for Me

See Aljazeera – Israel PM takes ‘firm stand’ on peace talks

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3 Responses to Netanyahu Addresses US Congress

  1. Amen. While we haters may hate, our descendants will eventually learn to get along. Better sooner rather than later.

    My family was born in war. My father hated. I hate less. My children enjoy visiting former enemies.

    Somehow, the idea that territory and/or religion are exclusive deals must fade before there will be peace.

  2. lightpriest says:

    I must comment that as an Israeli citizen, not for me. :/

  3. Ray says:

    Lol! 😀

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