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LT Sinks Slowly Down the Screen

For many years I have read LinuxToday for commentary on the state of GNU/Linux. I managed to avoid ads for that other OS by scrolling down a bit… They were always at the top of the page. Lately the site … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Addresses US Congress

He said something about compromising but not going back to the 1967 borders and needing “defensible borders”. Summarising, I think this is what he said: See Aljazeera – Israel PM takes ‘firm stand’ on peace talks

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“8” Release: 2012 or Perhaps Later

Ballmer is quoted as stating that “8” will be out in 2012. Wait. Isn’t he the same guy that said LonghornVista would be out real soon now? In fact, they had a decent product by 2003 called 2003 Server that … Continue reading

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Good Enough Versus Bloated

I am so tired of comments made on the web that such and such software is better because it has more features than another. Recently Rizzo of M$ said Excel is just a million years ahead of what Google Docs … Continue reading

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Critical Missions

Minutes ago, I watched a documentary on National Geographic, the back ends of the FIFA world cup in 2005. One of the vignettes was a professional photographer taking shots from the sidelines. At a 15 minute break he headed to … Continue reading

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9X, More Or Less

Would you pay 9 times more for computing or 9 times less? I lived in Winnipeg too long to pass that one over. Businesses, too, who like to be frugal, will want to pay 9 times less for computing. Businesses … Continue reading

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