Maturation of the Tablet PC Market

ASUS is cutting prices on its eeePad Transformer. Other Android tablet suppliers may have to cut prices about $100 bringing prices down from the “early adopter” rush phase. This is great for all of us sitting on the fence still put off by high prices.

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2 Responses to Maturation of the Tablet PC Market

  1. Alex says:

    I pre-ordered the 16Gb version from B&H for my 4-year old son. I do not care that it is not an iPad, as long as it displays youtube, and plays flash games to develop his young brain. He is not very good with a keyboard/mouse, so the tablet should go well with his natural touch instincts.

    Plus, his dad gets to play with Android, so that’s a nice bonus too 🙂

    I was actually thinking of buying iPad 1, but seeing the Asus tablet changed my mind.

    About prices:
    My family spends more than $400 on food alone every month (I live in Eastern Europe), so $400 looks just the right price. However, the $500 mark seems to be too expensive. My point being, $50 could make all the difference for a lot of people, and the marketers know that. Anyhow, the Asus tablet seems robust and well built.

    Regarding Oldman’s comments:

    Apple is not without fault either, some of the iPad2s were shipped with faulty screens:

  2. oldman says:

    Pog $399.00 for 16Gb tablet is not that much better than the low end iPad 2, and frankly, I’d rather have the iPad than an Android based tablet from a brand X manufacturer lile ASUSTec.

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