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Libya: Boots on the Ground and Hovering

There is a report in Le Figaro that French and UK forces are deploying boots on the ground and attack helicopters to Libya. Likely this has been going on for a while but this is the nearest thing to a … Continue reading

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LibreOffice is Vibrant

Remember how long the port of OpenOffice.org took to AMD64 (3 years) or the addition of SVG image handling (most requested feature took 6 years)? That was because there were only a few developers working on such a huge amount … Continue reading

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Breakfast Mouse

My stomach started to growl and I went to my kitchen to have a late breakfast. I noticed a hawk eating a mouse out in the yard. Unfortunately I reached for the binoculars instead of my camera so I have … Continue reading

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Maturation of the Tablet PC Market

ASUS is cutting prices on its eeePad Transformer. Other Android tablet suppliers may have to cut prices about $100 bringing prices down from the “early adopter” rush phase. This is great for all of us sitting on the fence still … Continue reading

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