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Some of M$’s Fans Still Have Their Head in the Sand… or Some Other Dark Place

Want a good laugh? Read an article by a fan of that other OS. I think I have found the best one ever written showing a few facts and a whole lot of wishful thinking: Both big and small companies … Continue reading

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Security and Thin Clients

I read an article by one of M$’s employees still denigrating thin clients. Thin clients are of course not optimal for M$’s business plan of having one copy of that other OS on each hard drive. It is hard to … Continue reading

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Google’s Chromium OS on the Desktop

That didn’t take long. A manufacturer plans to release a small desktop PC with Chromium OS in July. It’s Xi3 and their modular PC. One of the modules will be a Chromium OS… see News Release: Xi3 Corporation Announces its … Continue reading

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Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Again we read that that other OS has allowed thieves to take total control of systems of PCs, exploiting several vulnerabilities of that other OS simultaneously to spread a sophisticated key-logger to transfer funds from bank accounts. The gory details … Continue reading

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