Apple:”Do not attempt to remove malware”

Ed Bott has turned up instructions from Apple to support reps. Apple does not want them helping end-users get rid of a wave of malware. It will inform users not to install it though… I guess Apple sees it as thrird-party software…

see ZDnet – Ed Bott – Apple to support reps: “Do not attempt to remove malware”

This is about one of those “social engineering” attacks where an alarming message is popped up asking the user to prevent infection by installing something and btw please give your root password… It is strange that Apple will not put its support reps in the position of determining whether or not there is an infection, helping to remove it and educating the customer. Won’t the customer be really ticked off when they find out??? 😉 When the business depends on the customers’ love that does not make much sense.

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