AF447 Data Recorders Are Readable

Both the voice and flight data recorders held readable data which was downloaded under tightly controlled circumstances in the presence of expert witnesses from several international crash investigation agencies. A report will be issued by the BEA after the data are analyzed which will take some weeks or longer. A report in Le Figaro claiming the data exonerates AirBus is premature and unauthorized according to the BEA.

“These downloads gathered all of the data from the Flight Data recorder (FDR), as well as the whole recording of the last two hours of the flight from the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR).

In the framework of the safety investigation directed by the BEA, all of this data will now be subjected to detailed in-depth analysis.

This work will take several weeks, after which a further interim report will be written and then published during the summer.”

So, it seems there is reason to be optimistic that a more complete picture of the disaster including CVR, FDR and wreckage from the floor of the ocean can solve the mystery and help improve the safety of flying. Flying is already the safest way to travel but it will help to know the particular combination of events that caused this crash so that future crashes may be prevented.

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