Another “Sweet” Deal for M$

The city of San Francisco has opted for M$’s e-mail service for $1 million per year…
“The city didn’t issue an official request for proposals, but did meet with representatives from IBM and Google to evaluate competing solutions. Walton said that the technology heads of city departments unanimously agreed that Microsoft’s solution best met their needs.

Still, awarding the contract without a full, transparent RFP process raised some industry eyebrows.

The city’s controller is investigating the matter, and City Council members have reportedly looked into possible legal action.”

see SFgate – Microsoft bests Google, IBM to land S.F. email deal

I wonder what the taxpayers think of that? I know many organizations accept whatever M$ offers as the default option rather than really checking out the details to find best performance/$. I guess SF has not heard about EDGI, M$’s programme to give stuff away for free, if necessary, if a government or educational institution plays hard to get. Paying a $million instead of being courted by M$ seems too much. Then again, they should not have to pay for malware and outages. I know the reason I quit Hotmail was the spam…

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