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That M$ is Dying

One of my visitors accused me of irrational belief that M$ is dying. Of course, we all know, M$ makes $billions every quarter directly from sales of licences for that other OS but it’s not making much on search, not … Continue reading

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Joe Wilcox Goes To Bat for Chrome OS

Remember Joe Wilcox? He has been around a long time but lately I have heard little from him. Now he has hit a home run: There’s a persistent arrogance among PC users that ignores a fundamental reality about personal computers: … Continue reading

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HAHAHA! Lose 8 Will Not Run Legacy Apps on ARM!

The port of that other OS to ARM will not be a port. “8” will not run legacy apps. So, advantage Android which already is running rampant over ARM with a ton of apps of all kinds including some legacy … Continue reading

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