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More Stats on Android/Linux

According to Google: 100 million Android devices have been sold, more than Apple…, 36 OEMs, 215 carriers, and 450K developers push Android/Linux, 310 different devices sold in 110 countries, 400K activations daily, 4.6 per second, 200K available applications exist, and … Continue reading

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Intel’s Survey – Not Surprisingly They See No Decline On the Horizon For Notebooks

Intel is in the business of selling CPUs, powerful CPUs. They can charge more money for more powerful CPUs. What is surprising that a recent survey of business usage of mobile computing devices finds that notebooks are hot and “Full … Continue reading

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Future of FLOSS

A survey about FLOSS usage in business finds things are looking bright for FLOSS on the mobile devices, databases and operating systems but the survey shows the least impact will be on “office productivity”, ERP/CRM, and business intelligence. This seems … Continue reading

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