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Ubuntu Studio, Unity and XFCE4

Ubuntu Studio is a derivative of Ubuntu intended for people creative in audio, video and graphics. The developers who bring it together have decided to deviate further from Ubuntu by using XFCE4 rather than going with GNOME 3 or Unity. … Continue reading

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SmartBoards and GNU/Linux

I have seen SmartBoardTMs (brand of interactive/touchable white screen) in only a couple of schools in which I have taught but I just had an interview for a teaching position and I refreshed my knowledge by visiting the site of … Continue reading

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Canadian Census Will Not Focus on Operating Systems

I asked whether or not the new on-line Canadian Census could provide statistics on UserAgent strings. This is the reply: “Hello, Thank you for your e-mail message of May 7, 2011. Although it is true that Statistics Canada could obtain … Continue reading

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Vodaphone Loves Android

Vodaphone is a huge global mobile ISP. They are first or second ranked in market share in revenue or units sold. They are going to have a house-brand smartphone running Android/Linux. For 90Euros it will sell well. Vodaphone has 130 … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch at GROKLAW

see As of Today, It’s Mark Webbink’s Groklaw 2.0 PJ is going to have a rest and will no longer be the “point man”. Mark Webbink will take over. Quoting PJ, “Now that the battlefield has shifted from SCO attacking … Continue reading

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