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M$’s Cloud is Slowing Down

I have often seen that other OS on clients and servers slowing down. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it although the system seems busy for no reason and useful work is just too far back in the … Continue reading

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Torturing Users

Sergey Brin of Google was quoted as stating that other OS and even GNU/Linux tortures users. I would take GNU/Linux any day because if you don’t want to manage it the darned thing just keeps running. I have set up … Continue reading

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More Free/Non-Free Angst in Germany

The German government announced it was moving back to that other OS from GNU/Linux. When asked detailed questions about the reasons/causes of the migration, some shocking responses reveal a certain level of incompetence: the high cost of GNU/Linux claimed by … Continue reading

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End of Oversight – Beginning of Blindness

US DOJ etc. have ended oversight of M$ having judged M$ to have been an upright citizen the last few months… This ignores all the foot-dragging in the EU, the anti-competitive moves in mobile, the software-patent suits, etc. I would … Continue reading

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Desktop Linux Success

I came across an article with a simple thesis: Desktop Linux needs a controller who looks out for the needs of the end-user; there isn’t one; Linux fails… Of course, the authour presumes Ubuntu is Linux, ignoring all other distros. … Continue reading

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