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Citadel Groupware Suite

In ancient times, before WWW, folks dialed in to bulletin board systems for sharing. Citadel was there. Lately Citadel has been updated to provide many more means of access. The most popular is likely web access using a browser. Citadel … Continue reading

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Skype had a problem. They had created a wonderful product that people loved but for which people did not want to pay. M$ is awash with cash and is trying to provide all kinds of service on the web. At … Continue reading

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Between the Waters

Here in Manitoba, Canada, we are having a very wet spring. A late snowstorm dumped a lot of water on the land and now we have a few days of rain during the peak of runoff. The Assiniboine river is … Continue reading

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Judge Alsup has made an order about the meaning of technical terms in the Oracle v Google suit. One item in the order is: Both “intermediate form code” and “intermediate form object code” will be construed to mean “executable code … Continue reading

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Our Old Stuff is Junk

M$ is trying to denigrate XP, you know, their most successful OS ever, in order to get folks to buy a new PC with “7”. In an advertising campaign in which “Julie” opines that she has all she needs in … Continue reading

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