Take a Tablet and Don’t Call Me

That’s the recipe many are following in personal IT. They are buying small cheap computers to do most of their personal computing.
“The TabletTrack study also revealed that existing tablet sales were eating into the market for other devices. Around one in 12 tablet owners – eight per cent – bought a tablet instead of, or to replace, a desktop computer, laptop or other computer. According to the research, 11 per cent of Samsung Galaxy Tab owners and seven per cent of iPad owners had done so.”

ARM doing well in tablets means that IDC’s prediction that level of invasion of desktop space will take place by 2015 is a sure thing.

see Thinq – Most tablets doomed to fail says YouGov study

TFA is mostly about price. Tablets with ARM have some margin to allow the necessary reductions in price. This year has mostly been about early-adopters who will pay a premium for the latest thing. The bulk of tablets later this year and next will sell in the cheap-computer price-range.

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