IDC Recognizes ARM

For years, IDC has ignored ARM as a player in personal computing. That has changed.
For the first time, IDC is forecasting PC microprocessor units by processor architecture, including those based on x86 and those based on ARM. By 2015, IDC expects that over 13% of PC processors will be based on the ARM architecture.

That sounds like they are still ignoring smart phones and other gadgets as PCs and 13% is the near-term invasion of x86-space. I am sure many believe that will never happen for dozens of reasons but it is reality. Accept it. If you count smart phones and tablets as PCs, 13% should happen real soon, like 2011. That’s why M$ is getting on-board.

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3 Responses to IDC Recognizes ARM

  1. Ray says:

    Biggest reason: Tablets.

  2. You want to find something in an instant. The smart phone does that. The regular PC does no better and is in fact worse because it uses more of Earth’s resources and energy to do the same task. The only thing the smart phone does worse is to give a large display and that can be remedied with things like the Atrix dock thingy.

    I look on the smart phone as a highly specialized computer. It does something better than a PC and it does some things about the same as a PC but there are few things it does worse that we need these days. Does anyone really need to burn CDs any longer? I ran out of CDRs last year and did not need to buy any more… If I don’t need to burn CDs, I don’t need the burner. If I don’t need the burner, I don’t need the ATX case or its power supply…

  3. Bender says:

    I would count tablets as near PC but i wouldn’t put smartphones in the same league as PC’s. Smartphones have great capabilities but they are still outmatched by PC’s in most tasks.

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