GNU/Linux Marches On

Netcraft reports that, of the top 40 hosting providers, one used F5-big_IP, 6 use FreeBSD, 24 use GNU/Linux, 2 use 2003 and 2 use 2008. I believe the market has spoken. GNU/Linux provides great performance/price. The same advantages seen running applications on the server present themselves running applications on the personal computer: low price, reliability, ease of administration, less malware, etc. Use Debian GNU/Linux.

HTC which cranks out a bunch of Android/Linux smartphones has seen dramatic growth of about 200% over corresponding quarters in 2010. Producing a low-priced desirable product through use of Android/Linux gives them increased margins as well.

see “HTC 1Q11 revenues, net profit hit records

“HTC shipped 9.7 million smartphones in the first quarter, growing 6% on quarter and 192% on year with ASP standing at US$359. For the second quarter of 2011, HTC expects shipments of 11.0-11.5 million smartphones to generate revenues of NT$120 billion with net operating margin of 15-16% and gross margin of 28.5-29.5%”

Compare that with OEMs of PCs shipping that other OS who are suffering tiny margins. FoxConn achieved 4.5% margin and that’s dropping.

“Pegatron Technology has announced net losses of NT$559 million (US$19.38 million) for the first quarter of 2011 with EPS of negative NT$0.25 and gross margin of only 1.8%, all historical lows.

Pegatron shipped about 17 million notebooks in 2010”

see Digitimes

It does not pay to be a slave of M$ scraping by while M$ grows rich. It is not a “partnership” with M$ but a master/slave relationship.

Avoid the burden of that other OS. Use GNU/Linux.

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  1. Bender says:

    Still HTC is tainted by bowing to the almight patents and Microsoft’s extortion tactics… Every sold HTC Android phone fuels M$ in their dirty game…

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