Bosses Who Break Things

Some bosses just don’t know their limits and like to micro-manage and intrude at every level. Sometimes it works but often the boss stumbles in, breaks something, and resumes his busy day leaving employees to pick up the pieces.

I have had some incidents. One day a boss came in to tweak something on a cyclotron and jammed a highly radioactive target. I had to go in an manually free some Zn65 that was fresh from the machine. Another time I had a boss who would come in and demand a report, some statistics, about how the programme was going. He would invent a different reward programme for students every other week with new criteria. As this was not pre-planned, our paperwork was not yielding the information promptly so I finally automated. Whatever he demanded, I could work out an SQL query to dash out an answer within a few minutes. I was pretty sure that boss broke things as a form of harassment.

Well, Apple has such a boss. He is suing folks for using “app store” in terms of Android but the argument has been raised that Jobs himself has used the term “app store” generically… There goes the case, trademark and all.

see “Steve Jobs’ Android jabs may cost him App Store trademark”

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  1. Ray says:

    Nah, I think he already learned his lesson back in NextStep.

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