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It looks like there is no chance of a teaching position this spring so I will put more effort into gardening. My wife should not be able to kill off stuff in my absence north. I have 50 caragana bushes … Continue reading

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BBC on Mobile Computing

The video from the “Click” programme on the BBC, touches on the M$/Intel “schism”, the ARM/Intel competition and speculates on what that other OS will be doing on ARM. They speculate that “8” will operate more or less in the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Gets Some Business

Ubuntu has a roll-out on 10K PCs at LVM insurance in Germany. The company was already using Java for its main application built in-house so the migration was simple and will get the company off the Wintel treadmill forever. See … Continue reading

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Apple Has Peaked

“Jeff Huber – SVP of commercial and local services under Google’s recently announced new management structure – said mobile search had increased by more than 500 per cent in the past two years, while 350,000 Android devices were being activated … Continue reading

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