Greenest IT Requires Thin Clients

A survey of business IT asked for top ideas for Green IT. In spite of clients PCs using far more energy than servers, thin clients were not in the list.

Here are the kinds of numbers I see:

Item 100 clients+monitor total
file/auth server @10% utilization=300W 10000W 10300W
terminal server @50% utilization=500W 5000W 5500W
Item 100 clients+monitor total
file/auth server mass=10kg 1500kg 15010kg
terminal server mass=22kg 500kg 522kg

Then there’s maintenance… There is no downside to thin clients except video performs slower but business largely should not care about video. It is the “MIPS-eating app” M$ invented to sell more PCs, not something most need in their jobs. For the 80% or so of jobs thin clients can do, they should be the default choice. The savings in capital and maintenance is too large to ignore any longer. I have about the lowest cost electricity in the world and it matter here.

see NetworkWorld

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  1. That only works if you can put everything in one room, but it is the cheapest. Because of the gamers it is very hard to buy a cheap video card these days.

  2. Ray says:

    Nah, Greenest IT Requires Multiseats. 😀

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