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The Squeeze is On

No, not Debian Squeeze, but the squeeze on hardware manufacturers for personal computing devices. The hardware manufacturers experience extreme competition where each has many competitors for parts, subsystems and complete systems, while M$ and Intel have near-monopolies and have large … Continue reading

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This week…

Several important events in IT could happen in the next week or two: M$ may escape supervision from US courts(“scheduled expiration of the Final Judgments on May 12, 2011“). M$ could issue it’s latest quarterly report, and we may learn … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Take Sides in Libya

The supposed purpose of bombing Gaddafi’s forces in Libya is to spare civilians. It’s not working. Misurata is besieged and NATO has not been able to lift the siege complete with artillery and mortars even including cluster-bombs. This defiance by … Continue reading

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