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There’s a Crater Where IT at ORNL Used to be.

ORNL, Oak Ridge Nuclear Laboratory, is a famous institution. It was involved in the Manhatten project to produce separated isotopes for the first fission bombs. It did important work on all kinds of nuclear physics ever since. I remember using … Continue reading

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Malware Deniers

Ed Bott has been around a while. He did some useful work tracking down a report that 50% of PCs in the world were infected with malware but then attempted to debunk it with an equally biased report, M$’s analysis … Continue reading

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Cost of Licensing Software

FLOSS really annoys some people. They don’t get that the world can produce software and share it more cheaply than buying licences for non-free software. Business is finally catching on to the racket: Develop software for $1million. Sell 100K licences … Continue reading

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Android, Princeton U, and Google

It happens that Princeton U uses globally routable IP addresses and their DHCP server issues them with fairly short leases in order to recycle them quickly. They have discovered that many Android smart phones do not play well with their … Continue reading

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M$ Copies GNU/Linux

Remember the Live CD and the bootable USB drive? M$ has just got the idea that these kinds of things might be useful to the end-user. It takes a long time for innovation to work its way up to the … Continue reading

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ASUS eeePad Transformer Sells Out

Yes, retailers, you can sell Linux personal computing devices. There are other OS that you can sell and customers want them. This may be news for some but the world knows about Android/Linux and will buy it even though it … Continue reading

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And It Came To Pass Android/Linux Smart Phones Rock

Samsung has a 2gHz ARMed smart phone in the works. We have see how snappy 1 gHz is. This beast will compete with notebooks and desktops and do well. With ARM no fans are required and the thing can connect … Continue reading

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It Pays OEMs to Push Linux

Sony Ericsson has restructured and broken even thanks to the higher margins they achieve with Android/Linux. Other OEMs who are starving should take note. They too could have decent margins if they pushed GNU/Linux or Android/Linux instead of that other … Continue reading

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