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Bit Player

Allastair Otter is of the opinion that “No matter what store you put in these various statistics the truth is that Linux is just a bit player in the desktop operating system market.” That’s crap, pure and simple. The stats … Continue reading

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Scaly Bodies

One place on the web where my comments on things IT are published is Katherine Noyes, “Linux Blog Safari“. One of the contributors is a troll named “hairyfeet”. I suspect that’s just a cover for his scaly body. Only reptiles … Continue reading

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Google’s Blunder?

SJVN writes that Google is making a blunder by withholding source code for Android Honeycomb. He has a point. Google is not making best use of the FLOSS idea by keeping the source closed. It is a trap that creative … Continue reading

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The Folly of Business Use of Non-Free Software

There is a recent report that in the USA alone $12billion is spent annualy by business for software licences not used. “The vendor 1E polled IT managers in an attempt to answer this question, and the number produced is a … Continue reading

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Popularity of Youtube Videos

Well, my modest effort has been on the air for ten days now and 108 views have happened. With less effort my blog receives hundreds of views every day. If efficiency mattered, I would chuck the videos.

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SCOTUS Looks at Patents, Again

M$, strangely, is arguing in favour of making invalidation of patents easier. Go M$! I am all in favour of disallowing all software-patents so a finding in favour of M$ is good for me here. The particular case is a … Continue reading

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Giant Hole in M$ Security Shield

Again, researchers have found a way to bypass all M$’s efforts to close the holes in that other OS. A sequence of FTP commands opens a door large enough to drive a truck through and run it around the IIS-encrusted … Continue reading

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