There are two reasons the netbooks sagged:

  1. M$ pushed XP on them and OEMs and retailers fell in line like ducks, and
  2. smart thingies and tablets overlapped the playing field.

Well, the netbook is back in a big way. Intel has decided that they have to do something both to sell Atoms and to keep ARM out of netbooks. Intel and ASUS (you remember, the OEM who pushed GNU/Linux on the eeePC netbook), and many others are getting together to produce netbooks by the ton that will sell for $199 running Meego/Linux. Amen. Innovation at last.

A bunch of players in the production side of IT are asserting independence, accepting/meeting competition at long last instead of doing what M$ wants. How refreshing.

“Intel has recently adjusted its netbook strategy and is set to cooperate with its partners including Asustek Computer and Acer to launch netbook devices priced below US$199 in regions such as the Middle-East, Latin America and Eastern Europe, according to sources from notebook players.”
see Digitimes

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One Response to The NetBook is BBBAAAACCCCKKKK!

  1. bilbophile says:

    This is proof that – as Talleyrand would have put it – cartels and monopolies are worse than a crime, are a mistake. They are inefficient and thus unstable unless propped by the government (think IP in the case of Wintel).

    For several years Intel has been open to the non-Windows use of its products and now that Mr. Ballmer has announced hat the next Windows will also run on processors other than Intel (or Intel-like) ones the Wintel “cartel” (legally, it has merely been a legitimate “convergence of interests”) is starting to fall apart.

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