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There are two reasons the netbooks sagged: M$ pushed XP on them and OEMs and retailers fell in line like ducks, and smart thingies and tablets overlapped the playing field. Well, the netbook is back in a big way. Intel … Continue reading

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Walker Digital v World

Walker Digital is suing the world over use of its invention of “friending” and 14 other inventions. They are suing 100 businesses that use the Internet. This is just plain silly. They want to be paid for re-inventing the wheel, … Continue reading

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Growth of Linux Visiting Wikipedia

Linux February 2011 – 2.47% February 2010 – 1.65% Change = +.82% Rate of growth = +50% That Other OS February 2011 – 81.96% February 2010 – 86.95% Change = –5% Rate of growth = –5.7% That’s with “7” being … Continue reading

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