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Third Time Lucky

The third search for the wreckage of AF447 that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 has been found. There is some hope of retrieving the tail section which is somewhat intact and on a flat region. That is where the … Continue reading

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How Some People Live

I came across a news item about a community in which I had taught. If anyone is curious about life in such communities, take a look at the video. The story is about subsidizing food in remote fly-in communities. In … Continue reading

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I am getting the hang of the generation of videos. I tried several different applications, codecs, microphones, etc. and found a combination that works pretty reliably. For screen capture, I now use ffmpeg: ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1280×800 -r 20 … Continue reading

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Refreshing IT

A survey found the average age of a PC in UK business was 5 years. The survey rightly finds users are dissatisfied with the speed and reliability of their IT. What the survey was not intended to find and indeed … Continue reading

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Intel Moves On

Intel, the other half of Wintel, is moving on. At IDF (Intel Developer Forum), Intel laid out a road map emphasizing small cheap and mobile computing. They will form a partnership with Tencent, China’s largest Internet company and third largest … Continue reading

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