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The Battle for the Last Desktop

Yesterday, as my wife was rushing out for an appointment, she called to me and demanded I “fix her PC”. Readers may remember that I had liberated her machine from XP after it had ground to a halt for the … Continue reading

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That Other OS Re-re-reboots, Again

Patch Tuesday has plenty of overtime and re-re-reboots in order. Every version of that other OS and Office needs work and there are plenty of critical vulnerabilities to go around. “Upcoming features will include a critical SMB Browser bug that … Continue reading

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M$ Also Ran

When a horse ends up after third place, it’s called an “also ran”. That’s what Gartner predicts for smart phones. Android/Linux is expected to become a monopoly by 2012 with that other OS reaching perhaps 20% by 2015. This includes … Continue reading

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ARM: Good and Getting Better

We have all seen demonstrations of the Tegra 2 ARM CPU from Nvidia. If there was any doubt about the performance of these chips, read on: “In the fourth quarter of 2011, Nvidia is set to launch its 40nm Tegra … Continue reading

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Acer’s Chairman Speaks

After disappointing results, Acer’s chairman and CEO JT Wang spoke about the outlook and strategy: profit margin currently is less than 2%, plans to spend more and to hire for R&D, “a revolution is already in progress in the IT … Continue reading

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