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Kicking Puppies or Giving Up on GNU/Linux Deskktops

I love puppies. They are cute, cuddly and hardly ever bark or bite. They do sometimes get under foot and that is something I try to avoid. Big dogs and I, however, are bitter enemies, just like M$. Jim Zemlin … Continue reading

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Mobility is the Answer. How to do Business is the Question.

SMB have a problem. They are small. They have less efficiency of scale. The way to get more out of the assets is to make them mobile, both people and IT. Smart phones and notebooks work that way but tablets … Continue reading

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Unity Works

I read SJVN’s review of Unity, the new UI on Ubuntu beta1 and thought I would try it. The installation in a virtual machine was quick and easy. The hardest part was getting the .iso. I had to use a … Continue reading

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M$, Please Keep Steve

Steve Ballmer’s ratings as a CEO keep falling even as the company makes more money. Of course the world’s increasing output of PCs has more to do with that than the lovability of Steve. I recommend M$ keep Steve. He’s … Continue reading

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Cheap Virtual Desktops

Having simpler desktop/client machines and more complex servers saves money eventually even though M$ likes to “get value” all over the place: “Microsoft, has estimated that the cost of a full VDI implementation will be roughly 11 per cent more … Continue reading

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