120 Megabits/s

That’s the current load on a Debian mirror in the Netherlands. There are hundreds of Debian mirrors. The last update for Squeeze, the latest release Debian GNU/Linux, was March 19 so much of this traffic will be new installations. Let’s estimate how many installations of Debian GNU/Linux are happening…

The average size of a package on my mirror is about a megabyte so 120 megabits/s translates to about 15 packages per second. The default desktop installation takes about 1267 packages (3.2 gB of disc space, installed). So, we see 1267/15 = 84s per installation, about 1000 per day. There easily could be 100K per day installations globally and that’s not counting installation from local mirrors or CD rather than the web. How excited were people when they heard Android was activating a few hundred thousand times per day? This is the same order of magnitude and it’s only one distro… Imagine what Fedora and Ubuntu are doing? What about the OEMs? What about system administrators cloning systems? Whoa! They are up to 175 mbits/s now…

UPDATE Monitored the site for a while. Mean value for 24 hours is about 70 megabits/s. Still good.

Bandwidth of ftp.nl.debian mirror

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  1. A complete repository of 386 Debian GNU/Linux easily fits on a hard drive so shifting one is feasible too. External hard drives with USB interface work very well.

  2. tom says:

    Yeah you are right, at least the place where I live(India, Karnatak) the “broadband” speeds are not so good, so I rely on the DVD #1 and the Hybrid Live Images on a flash drive..

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