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Defining Evil in IT

I would be the first one to accept that business can be cut-throat. When it comes to survival of the fittest, one does not want to be last. However, when a business achieves a dominant market share there comes a … Continue reading

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Problems Addressed

I really get ticked off by writers who assume something and produce shoddy work. Matt Hartley ticked me off today in “Problems Linux Enthusiasts Refuse to Address“. His thesis: what I find frustrating about the entire process is that nearly … Continue reading

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120 Megabits/s

That’s the current load on a Debian mirror in the Netherlands. There are hundreds of Debian mirrors. The last update for Squeeze, the latest release Debian GNU/Linux, was March 19 so much of this traffic will be new installations. Let’s … Continue reading

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That Other OS Becomes More Like the Bazaar

“8” beta shows evidence of using “the ribbon” more widely. That should not go well with the folks using XP who think they love that other OS. According to some sources, as many as 54% of PCs still run XP. … Continue reading

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