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M$’s R&D Budget – Waste or a Tax-Dodge?

The Register tells it like it is. For all the $billions M$ claims to spend on R&D (Research and Development) they seem to get very little value for the dollar (BSODs early on, then Vista, now Phoney “7”, etc.). In … Continue reading

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Snuffing M$’s Pet File Formats

M$ used its own file formats to thwart competition. Now that technique is like a shoe on the other foot. Android 3.0 doesn;t play .wma and others… Look at it this way. Android has a huge presence on smart phones. … Continue reading

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Apple Squeeze Foxconn

You would think that Apple which made record profits in 2010 would be good for suppliers like FoxConn, but no, FoxConn had major losses. Just as M$ squeezes its “partners”, Apple is squeezing FoxConn. FoxConn had suicides, and salary increases … Continue reading

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Software Patents! Stop it Already!

Yet another company figures it has re-invented the wheel, this time buying stuff via a smart phone over the Internet and is suing just about everyone connected to smart phones including M$. When will it end? SCOTUS, please chuck software … Continue reading

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Small Arms: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

During the Second World War, my father served a 20 mm Bofors gun that could deal out exploding projectiles to church steeples and concealed infantry. It was supposed to shoot down attacking planes but the Germans were running low on … Continue reading

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“8” Goes “Alpha”

M$ has been reported to have shipped a build of “8” to OEMs. The Register speculates that a beta release will happen in September and “8” will be out in 2012. That gives Android and ARM a year to frolick … Continue reading

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What the Big Boys are Planning

I am a small fish in IT. I know it. When I get 100+ PCs working together in a system it is a notable, life-changing accomplishment. The big guys in IT, like our venerable oldman, get thousands of PCs and … Continue reading

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Mobile is Happening

Digitimes has a flurry of reports surrounding the departure of Lanci as CEO of Acer today. It’s all about changes in IT surrounding mobile devices. Digitimes predicts that in 2013 shipments of mobile devices will break down this way: format … Continue reading

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