Android/Linux Predicted to have a Near-Monopoly of Smartphones by 2015

That’s in spite of rapid growth by M$’s Phoney “7”. Turnabout is fair play.

see The Register

IDC predicts growth of smart phones will be about 50% in 2011

“Android is poised to take over as the leading smartphone operating system in 2011 after racing into the number 2 position in 2010,” said Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Devices Technology and Trends team. “For the vendors who made Android the cornerstone of their smartphone strategies, 2010 was the coming-out party. This year will see a coronation party as these same vendors broaden and deepen their portfolios to reach more customers, particularly first-time smartphone users.”
see IDC

IDC predicts 450million smart phones will ship in 2011. That’s a big number. About the same as “PC” shipments. Linux will be on a lot of them, about 39.5%. Portability (small size, long lived batteries, and low mass), power adequate to browse the web and play most audio-visual media and acceptable price make these gadgets killers for M$’s monopoly. M$ still claims the desktop, certainly, but hooked up to a keyboard and a monitor, these gadgets rock. I think the future of IT is people carrying such devices and docking them at home and at work. You cannot make phone calls or navigate with a USB drive…

2011 is a special number. It’s a prime number and it is the year that put M$ in its place, a supplier of IT, not the godfather of IT any longer. The desktop share should shrink dramatically in years to come as the tiny gadgets take over.

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  1. Bender says:

    When i read about i had one thing to say, i read from dregs that Microsoft will release Windows 8 under GPL 😉

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