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Some People Don’t Love Small Cheap Computers

They want a hair-drier on every desk. Ars Technica is an example. Their “budget box” comes to $700+ including accessories. They even manage to spend about as much on a video card as on the motherboard and CPU… Don’t even … Continue reading

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EU Caves In To M$

The rascals are migrating thousands of PCs to that other OS v “7” in spite of promoting openness, and FLOSS, without a tender. RedHat is ticked off as they should be. They do desktops too. The reason for the lack … Continue reading

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“App Store” is Generic but “that other OS” is not says M$

M$ that named its flagship product after holes in the wall has interceded at the USPTO claiming “app store” is generic and Apple should not be allowed to register the trademark. Of course this is the pot calling the kettle … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Predicted to have a Near-Monopoly of Smartphones by 2015

That’s in spite of rapid growth by M$’s Phoney “7”. Turnabout is fair play. see The Register IDC predicts growth of smart phones will be about 50% in 2011 “Android is poised to take over as the leading smartphone operating … Continue reading

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Small Cheap Computers in the Server Room

From a report on a recent study: “The sweet spot is often at low power processors, especially when system power and price are considered.” The examples considered include a 50 watt, 2.33 gHz CPU giving twice the performance per watt … Continue reading

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M$ Readies “7.9” and It’s Partners

Digitimes reports that M$ is lining up tablets for late in 2011 with “its new OS”. This is classic vapourware for “8” or M$ will rush out something with touch and “bigger icons”, actually more like “7.9”.

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