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China is a fascinating place. The sheer number of citizens means much is happening there and with distance and language barriers it is difficult to assess how things are going. I know IT pretty well and the Chinese are deliberately … Continue reading

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Ticked Off? Vent!

I have to share. This guy is fed up with his XBox. It’s his fifth one and they all died. His has a flashing red light as the only sign of life. He is really ticked off and decides to … Continue reading

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Switzerland Owned by M$

A court has ruled that it is OK for the government to buy thousands of PCs with that other OS without public tenders preventing providers of GNU/Linux from competing. One judge disagreed but it was not enough to open the … Continue reading

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Software Fit for Purpose

I came across a story of a municipal government that sued IBM for providing software not fit for the purpose. The judge decided in IBM’s favour because the government had not specified what it needed clearly and IBM had relied … Continue reading

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