Siege of Misrata Continues

There’s a report from Misrata outlining urgent issues:

  • artillery and snipers are killing people and destroying buildings,
  • supplies are low, and people are exhausted,
  • immigrant workers are camped near the port with no resources, and
  • the situation has been deteriorating for weeks.

There is light on the horizon. A few ships have sneaked in supplies and revolutionaries are approaching Sirte, Gaddafi’s stronghold before Misrata. The revolutionaries are now much more skilled at combat and have a bit of organization. They have learned to disperse to avoid artillery and to leave the roads which may be zeroed-in. They are considering bypassing Sirte to relieve Misrata. That would turn the tide. They could blockade Sirte instead of fighting house to house. Breaking the blockade of Misrata could promptly allow ships to bring in supplies and evacuate wounded and immigrants. This should be a plan that Nato should support with air-cover, naval support and perhaps shipping.

see also Al Jazeera

Revolutionaries have probed as far as Sirte and are massed near point A in this map:

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