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Computers in the Classroom

For more than ten years I have been pushing for schools where I worked to have more computers in the classrooms. There are pros and cons: some teachers fear being “replaced”, some classrooms and furnishings just don’t fit a raft … Continue reading

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Siege of Misrata Continues

There’s a report from Misrata outlining urgent issues: artillery and snipers are killing people and destroying buildings, supplies are low, and people are exhausted, immigrant workers are camped near the port with no resources, and the situation has been deteriorating … Continue reading

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Almost Free

In emerging markets, some of the big software companies cannot sell their products at “list price” but they want to keep out competition so they tolerate, if not encourage, distribution for $0 via illegal downloads so that reall Free Software … Continue reading

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Neat Product, Awful Price

The floodgates of products that look somewhat like “normal” personal computers but run ARM and Android/Linux are cracking open. One by ASUS is great but priced too high for wide adoption. ASUS and others do want to recoup costs of … Continue reading

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Reports the website, MySQL.com, was compromised by the simplest of attacks is shocking. The site has been owned by Oracle. What adds to the horror is that some VIPs who had accounts on the site used trivial passwords. Fortunately they … Continue reading

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