Power Matters

Acer has introduced a new series of tablets:

  1. W500 – running “7” on a 9watt AMD Fusion CPU
  2. A500 – running Android with 1 watt Integra CPU

That W500 will run from 4 to 6 hours on a charge. Is that good enough? I doubt it. No word on how long the A500 runs…

Power matters, especially in portable devices. I expect Acer will hide the price of that other OS in the higher cost CPU and included keyboard but there will be no hiding the extra weight and shorter life of the battery. There is a story that the UK release will have the same price for both models

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2 Responses to Power Matters

  1. I do get better performance from my quad-core 95watt AMD64 thingie in Beast but none of that comes from having a faster/more powerful CPU. It comes from having a 64bit mother board, memory system and I/O devices. The CPU rarely goes over 1% on Beast and rarely over 10% on my notebook. In GNU/Linux, we have a measure of the length of the queue of waiting processes. Beast, even when very busy rarely gets over 1 by that measure. The notebook rarely gets over 1 as well. Beast has 3 500gB hard drives while the notebook has 1 320 gB drive. That’s most of the difference. I actually ordered a dual-core Opteron but it was out of stock and I needed a CPU ASAP.

  2. Dann says:

    I’d love to see some performance comparisons, such as boot time, hd video playback, disk read/write speed.

    The question is, does more wattage mean more performance? (Rhetorical)

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